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Worried about termite activity at your house? Don’t panic! We’ve been eliminating termites and protecting Sydney homes and buildings for over 36 years.

Our team of experts can provide the right termite solution for your property. We know everything there is to know about termites and we deliver the best quality solutions. We’re the most experienced, the most qualified and we provide a warranty on our recommended termite treatments.

Our termite treatments are highly effective, but at the same time, they’re environmentally safe and smart.

Why Pink?

  • Over 36 years experience
  • Qualified professionals - no subcontractors
  • No mess, no fuss
  • Fully licensed & insured
  • Australian owned & operated

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Does your home already have a rechargeable Termite system?

Quality Service Pest Control Sydney

We can provide recharging of your current Termite Chemical Reticulation system. These systems are typically found around newer homes, especially in newer housing estates built from around the mid 90’s onwards.

No matter what system you have installed in your home we can assist and offer you a competitive package. Our Termite experts can provide a solution for recharging your current systems as well as do a thorough termite inspection to ensure everything is working to protect your home.

Our Professional Termite treatment

We provide a comprehensive termite treatment that includes:

  • We provide an on-site, obligation free quote
  • We carry out a comprehensive termite inspection
  • We deliver termite treatment to eradicate termites from your property
  • We provide termite prevention solutions to protect you from nearby termites
  • We continue to monitor your property through annual inspections

We don’t provide a quick “pay and spray” service, we take time to check areas before we treat and will often use a combination of different products, targeted at the termites and other pest problems we find, to get the best results.

What do you do if you think you have termites?

If you find termites or even think you might have them, the golden rule it to phone us immediately.

 DON’T spray with insecticides – it only kills a few termites (not the nest) and repels them from the area (they will appear elsewhere, often unseen!).

 DON’T break open any mud tubes.

  DON’T break open walls or areas of damage where they might be feeding.

So please don’t take matters into your own hands.

Doing any of the things mentioned above could disturb the termites, only for them to re-appear somewhere else in your home.

If the termites are not there, it makes it very difficult for us to treat them! So, however tempting it may be to investigate yourself, please give us a call immediately on 1300 132 062.

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Bianca Anthes
Bianca Anthes
03:24 18 Jun 21
This is my first time getting services from Pink, I was allocated Tim in Canberra and I couldn't be happier ! Tim was... professional, punctual and an all round friendly person!Tim did a good walk around of the entire house, looking and showing me any potential entry points for pesky mice and rats. Made sure he explained the traps that would be in place and all the services I can receive in future. Tim even tolerating my puppy doing investigating with him!I will definitely be using the service again and highly recommend Pink termites and pest experts to get the job done right and efficiently 😁 thankyou Tim !read more
Paul Constable
Paul Constable
01:34 18 Jun 21
Mac Parker
Mac Parker
08:43 15 Jun 21
Tim is professional and friendly, you can tell he enjoys his work. I appreciate how thorough he was with his inspection.