Preparing Fish Tanks For Your Pest Control Appointment

The importance of protecting our homes from pests cannot be over emphasised. One way we keep our families and cherished pets safe is by having regular pest control inspections and appropriate management systems in place.

Sometimes, a pest inspection may reveal a problem – perhaps there are cockroaches in the kitchen or fleas in the upstairs bedrooms. In such cases, a treatment will need to be carried out at home.

Preparing for treatment

On treatment day some of us are off to work, some to school, and the pooch and kittens are in the garden – but wait! What about the exotic fish in the aquarium, or Fluffy the tarantula and Judy the bearded dragon in your son’s room? These friends of the family must also be protected on treatment day.

There are some pest control companies who may tell you the chemicals used are safe for humans (which is true) so are therefore safe for fish and other tank-dwelling pets. Not so. We humans have little in common with cold-blooded creatures, so we cannot say for certain how they might be affected.

To begin, cover the aquarium or tank, including the filter, with a towel or sheet and double up if the fabric you are using appears permeable. Seal the fabric to the outside of the tank leaving no gaps for a flow of air to enter the filter. The treatment spray can waft up into the filter and ultimately enter the tank water, which is why covering the filter is so important. However, be very careful when covering the aquarium filter; if the power is on, the heat from the covered motor may be a fire hazard.

Secondly, be certain to remove all food from the area being treated. If you’ve purchased six-legged delicacies for Judy’s midday snack, place them somewhere out of the treatment zone.

Along with moving pet food from the area being treated, be sure to also remove water buckets, filter equipment, tubes, nets, and feeding utensils – anything that comes into contact with the tank for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

Trusted advice

Once the treatment has finished, talk to your pest manager about when it will be safe to re-enter the treated zone. In some cases it may be straightaway, others an hour or more. When it comes to the safety of your family and pets, it’s essential to work with a pest manager you trust. If you have a pest problem, give Pink Pest Services a call today.