Spider Pest Control Services NSW & ACT

Our specialist spider treatment primarily targets outdoor areas (as spiders typically live outside, only coming inside ‘by accident’). The exception to this is White Tail Spiders which are often active in roof and wall voids. We utilise a specialist spider control agent that is particularly effective on spiders.

To get complete control of a spider problem and get lasting protection, a specialist spider product is normally required.

As well as controlling any spiders that we spray directly, the spray leaves residual insecticide on the surface of treated areas. When the spiders crawl across the surface, they pick up the insecticide and die.

Our recommended spider treatments include a 6 month warranty on Redback, Funnel Web and White Tail Spiders.

Why Pink?

  • Over 36 years experience
  • Qualified professionals - no subcontractors
  • No mess, no fuss
  • Fully licensed & insured
  • Australian owned & operated

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Our Spider Treatment

We provide a comprehensive treatment that includes treating:

  • The exterior of buildings
  • Internal areas where appropriate
  • The roof void
  • Sub-floor (for homes that have them)

We don’t provide a quick “pay and spray” service, we take time to check areas before we treat and will often use a combination of different products, targeted at the pest problems we find, to get the best results.

How Safe are our treatment methods?

We carry out a risk assessment before any treatment to determine if there are any safety issues. We also discuss with you if you have any particular concerns about the treatment.

We only use products that are compliant with all government regulations to ensure your safety and well-being.

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Mel Ash
Mel Ash
21:03 09 Aug 20
Pink did another great inspection on our property. Was very impressed with our Technician Colin.B, he was very... professional and polite removed his boots before stepping in to our home, thoroughly inspected our home answered all questions I had asked and explained all work he was carrying out to our home. Always a pleasure.read more
Angel Alsonso
Angel Alsonso
03:13 07 Aug 20
Our Technician Col from Pink did a great job. Very professional answered all our questions and put our mind at ease,... Went through both our properties with a fine tooth cone.read more
Roger Hynes
Roger Hynes
08:57 06 Aug 20