8 Most Common Household Pests in Sydney

Sydney’s heat and humidity is a perfect breeding ground for a multitude of bugs and other pests. And, as we all know, finding an infestation of pests in your home and the process of getting rid of them can be a major problem requiring professional help.

Here’s some information on the most common household pests and what you can do to remove them.

1. Spiders – Certainly one of the more cringe-worthy critters that pop-up, spiders will appear from time to time especially in raining periods. Fortunately, most spiders don’t pose an on-going problem like other pests (except for the initial scare) except in rare instances. With that said, spiders can pose a serious threat to children, pets and adults alike and should be treated with extreme caution. Fortunately, over the counter bug spray will often do the trick (unless the problem occurs repetitively).

2. Flies – Flies in Australia are notorious, especially in warmer months, but in many cases they’re easily managed with practical solutions. Make sure all food scraps are wrapped before tossing them in the bin and keep all door and window fly wires shut at all times.

3. Cockroaches – Cockroaches are another unfortunate consequence of the Australian climate. The best roach prevention is to keep waste and food containers totally sealed. Roach sprays, bombs and bait traps can be effective if the problem is treated early enough, but if roaches become uncontrollable, call the team here at Pink. Don’t leave it too late otherwise you will find German cockroaches can be extremely difficult to eradicate completely.

4. Ants – A few ants in your home is not a problem, but when an army marches in looking for food you could be in for a lot of trouble. Unfortunately, it’s rare to see just a few ants. Most DIY methods can temporarily eliminate ants but cannot destroy the nest. Our ant baiting methods stop the problem at the root cause for quick, effective removal. Find out more here.

5. Termites – Commonly found throughout Australia, termites (or white ants) will chomp on any wood they can find and are able to destroy entire wooden homes pretty quickly. Termites are serious pests that should be exterminated as quickly as possible by termite control experts. Thermal pest inspection is particularly useful for finding termite infestations in walls without causing any interior damage.

6. Fleas – Fleas thrive both indoors and out and are most comfortable in warm, humid situations. They’re most likely carried indoors on household pets, such as dogs or cats, but are also found on indoor birds. A female flea can lay several hundred eggs during her short life, so flea infestations can get out of hand very quickly. Professional flea pest control is the fastest way to remove fleas, but future prevention consists of cleaning pets and their bedding with an approved flea wash.

7. Birds – Birds can nest in very small places and tend to like the sheltered areas that a commercial building or residential home provides. While that may not appear harmful at first glance, nesting birds also means bird droppings and the possibility of bird mites. There are many do-it-yourself remedies to prevent nesting, however once the birds have established themselves, you should seek professional assistance to remove them.

8. Possums – In developed areas where trees have been cleared, Possums have lost most of their nesting sites and natural habitat. As a result, these nocturnal animals have taken up residence in roofs and other sheltered areas around homes. They may damage household electrical wires, destroy insulation and leave behind urine and fecal materials. As a protected species, you must have a permit to remove a possum, so this task is best left to a pest control professional.

The good news is most household pests can be either easily prevented or eliminated with simple solutions and professional advice.